We recently reported on Joe Biden’s disastrous immigration policies that have caused illegal immigration to skyrocket in America.

Yet, as the crisis at the border continues to intensify, far-left media outlets continue to heap praise on Joe Biden, even as they question him on his policies.

Below, PBS reporter, Yamiche Alcindor questions Biden:

The Columbia Bugle Summed it up nicely:

For his part, Biden continued to pass blame onto Trump for all the problems that have been created during Biden’s presidency.


Yamiche, who was hand-selected by the Biden Whitehouse to ask questions, should be remembered best for constantly calling Trump and his supporters racists and liars and badgering the Trump about petty nonsense as president.

Yet she suggests Biden is a decent moral man for creating perhaps the greatest humanitarian crisis in peacetime American history.

What do you think, America?  Is Biden too concerned with being seen as a ‘nice guy’ rather than policing our border?

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