The Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision to shut down Joe Biden’s student loan plan has fiscally-minded Americans celebrating. Biden’s plan would have added an unnecessary tax burden to everyday Americans forcing the nearly 87% of US citizens who do not have student debt to pay for the 13% who do.

Missouri’s former Attorney General Eric Schmitt, now a senator, helped lead the fight and weighed in to celebrate the monumental decision. He called Biden’s plan to force everyone to cover student debt unjust,

‘This was fundamentally unfair, unlawful, and a cynical election ploy by Joe Biden. Working folks who paid off their loans or took another path shouldn’t have to pay for the unpaid loans of the tenured college professor.’

Senator Eric Schmitt

Schmitt Tweeted the breaking news saying, “I’m proud to have brought this case as Missouri’s Attorney General and save taxpayers a half trillion dollars.”

Senator Tim Scott also weighed in saying the ruling was led by common sense,

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling overturning President Biden’s illegal student loan scheme is a victory for common sense.  You take out a loan; you pay it back. This decision frees taxpayers from shouldering debt they never signed up for.”


Everyday Americans are also weighing in on the ruling. @Amuse Tweeted a response to attorney Alessandra Biaggi who complained about not being able to receive loan forgiveness while choosing to leave an enormous salary working as assistant counsel to former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to work for Hillary Clinton instead. @Amuse noted, “Alessandra is the privileged granddaughter of a US Congressman.” He continued noting that she chose to attend four extremely expensive private schools and would like the American taxpayer to pick up the tab on her over-priced educational pursuits.

Even Nancy Pelosi said Biden did not have the authority to offer student debt forgiveness,

“People think the President of the United States has the power for debt forgiveness -he does not, he can postpone, he can delay, but he does not have that power, that has to be an act of congress.”

But on Friday, shortly after the ruling was handed down, Biden said he is now working on a new plan to help those with student loan debt under the Higher Education Act. Details on how he would provide relief have yet to be disclosed to concerned Americans.

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