President Trump has coordinated Hurricane Florence strategies so well that CNN won’t even give him credit where it’s due. Instead, CNN is reporting on Hurricane Maria which happened one year ago in Puerto Rico, causing devastating damages and tragedies.

It’s a shame that one of the most well-known news networks in the world has turned into a leftwing political machine who won’t even credit the president during a natural disaster. Is this why people have lost trust in CNN? It could be.

One has to wonder why CNN absolutely refuses to give President Trump credit in the excellent coordination of making sure that people are taken care of during Hurricane Florence. Instead, CNN talks about how Mother Nature’s brutal weather has battered certain regions, then also talks about the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico LAST YEAR.

They’re talking about last year while THIS YEAR is going on RIGHT NOW. Bizarre, right?

It’s like they’re so mad at Trump because he called them “fake news” but this is probably part of the reason why he called CNN “fake news.”

Here is what CNN’s homepage looked like when I last checked it and took a screenshot.

News about Florence battering the Carolina’s and the aftermath of Hurricane Maria which struck this time last year. How about sending a positive vibe across America by saying how well the first responders are doing? What about telling everyone the truth about President Trump and how things seem to be going well during a really bad time for some people? Couldn’t the world use a little bit of good news amid a hurricane?

Some good news goes a long way and gives people hope during rough times. That would’ve been a great story for CNN to publish. Of course, they don’t like Trump, so they’re not going to say he’s doing well.

The leftist machine is at it again, and it’s sad because things could be so much different with a little bit of honesty and a little bit less of their partisanship. It’s one thing for a small independent site to take sides, but for someone the size of CNN to take the leftists side, it’s a shame. It’s no wonder Fox News has to lean a bit more to the right. It’s like we need them to even out, but in the end, we’re all getting biased news from a company who probably wants to be the biggest source of news. We can’t have good news if they’re purposely ignoring stories or leaving things out because they’re pushing a leftist agenda. That’s not really news, that’s really biased news.

Although, if you want some honesty, then CNN surely isn’t the place to go. They seem to leave out a few important topics here or there because they don’t support a leftist agenda.

This isn’t the first time that CNN refused to report on something important.

This isn’t the first time there’s clearly been bias.

CNN has been caught up in lies, fake news scandals, and obvious liberal-leaning bias.

For example:
Having someone suggest that Antifa is mostly African Americans.

Not publishing a story on a special needs girl who was beheaded by an illegal immigrant.

Having someone say CNN does not lie.

CNN guest saying the N word.

CNN analyst kicking someone off a show that isn’t even his show.

Obvious race baiting.

Having a host appear to support a violent leftist group known as Antifa.

Calling violent leftists “anti-hate” groups even though there are videos of these people attacking others.

Screaming at the president.

Do you want any more examples of what CNN is really all about?

I think CNN needs to calm down with the “we hate the president” rhetoric and start being less partisan. If CNN did that, then they would regain respect from people. People who want the news are tired of the nonsense and CNN surely needs to get reorganized if they want to survive the “you’re fake news” attack that President Trump has put on them.

Remember when the news was just “the news” and there wasn’t a slant on it?

That’s just my opinion. You can think for yourself.



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