As The Biden Regime continues to lie and cover up the border crisis that it created, more unvetted illegal immigrants, including children, are flooding America’s border than ever before.  It is a national tragedy.  Yet the Whitehouse and most of the media generally ignore it.  It is devastating America economically and completely destroying our national security while netting drug cartels billions of dollars via human slave and sex trafficking, sex criminals, and drugs.  All the while, illegal immigrants are given handouts and more rights than actual tax-paying citizens of America.

But, Biden still refuses to call it a crisis.  Despite just one person obligatorily stepping down from her post due to this accelerating Biden Border Crisis, this madness will continue to accelerate.  It is a feature, not a bug, of the globalist Biden plan to destabilize and collapse the American system by overwhelming it with a sea of unamerican dependent illegal aliens who will not respect the US constitution and vote Democrat forever.

Because of this massive border crisis induced by the Democrat party and establishment republicans, Biden is having to erect make-shift illegal immigration factories throughout the southern border, especially in Texas.  This includes simply throwing kids and families under bridges surrounded by fencing because they didn’t have enough space or time to deal with all of it reasonably.

In Donna Texas, just a few weeks ago, Project Veritas noted the massive illegal alien factory erected by the federal government

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Now, a new video released by Project Veritas shows the unbelievable increase in its size in under 2 weeks as it continues to grow.

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The cancer of globalism has metastasized and is spreading at a sprawling pace around America.  America’s voters, laws, and culture are being intentionally diluted and disintegrated at breathtaking speeds never before seen.  The flood of illegal immigration is just one major facet of this plan.

You, Reader, must stand up  immediately at your local and state political meetings and form coalitions to prevent its spread, or there will be nothing left by the 2022 election worth saving.

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